vendredi 17 juin 2011

12XU mixtape #1

hey everybody !

as promised, here's the link of the first mixtape... should have been posted bit sooner, sorry !


The 12 songs are selected by the three of us for your own pleasure ladies and gentlemen... The #2 will be posted by the end of june

otherwise the box set are SOLD OUT ! they went really fast... we hope people who got one are happy of it.

Last week we also recorded our LP made of 11 new songs ! It will be mixed soon and it is called Les Grandes Marées...

Talking about full length release, did we tell you that the LP of our buddies from Old Growth was available on Echo Canyon and Bakery Outlet ??? You'd better check it NOW and get your copy cause it's a really awesome and solid release.

we're also working on a common tour for this fall... On the right, you'll find the shows we're trying to get. Let us know if you can help or want us to play in your town. As you'll notice, we won't be able to do the whole tour together but at least a big half.

ok ok
more soon !

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alsayli a dit…

Oh putain, ça c'est bon! Enfin j'ai envie de dire :D

Par contre, est-ce qu'on pourrait avoir les paroles des SS siouplait, au moins celles du 1 et du 2 :)