jeudi 19 mai 2011


hi everyone !

we'll be playing the Disaster Disaster fest in Munich on July 8th and are looking for another show on the 9th ! We're having hard time finding a show so if you think you can help or interested to have us playing in your town, let us know...

By the box sets are available. We held some for those who asked but they're going really really fast.

You can get them here

Otherwise, we're mixing the songs for the upcoming 7" split with Abject Object... Finally !!!!

we finished the writing of the full length... we'll still be recording it early june at PWL... 11 new songs for your own pleasure ladies and gentlemen.

When this will be recorded, we'll work on a cover for the Stonehenge anniversary LP compilation... Each band has to cover one song from the Stonehenge catalog...
We'll also contribute with another song for a benefit compilation for Rebellyon, an alternative and independant media covering Lyon's antifascist and libertarian activites, as well as radical counter culture...

we'll also work on this later :

soon, a monthly mixtape to be downloaded !

thanks !

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