dimanche 16 octobre 2011

Les Grandes Marées LP/CD out now !

yes !

we're stoked ! our first full length is out now and totally available (in Europe actually). They should arrive in Japan and in the US pretty soon ! Look at that :

You can get it at Purepainsugar and soon at Bakery Outlet / No Idea if you live in north America and at Flower Of Carnage if you live in Asia.

Otherwise, you can still order it at us directly, sending 14€ if you live in France and 16€ if you live in Europe at this paypal adress -> weare12xu [at] gmail.com

If you want both the split with Abject Object and the LP, send us 16€ if you live in France and 18€ if you live in Europe at this same paypal adress.

CDs are 7€ post paid in France and 8€ post paid in Europe.

we go on tour soon !
really excited to join our buddies Old Growth

have fun
the 12XUs

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Anonyme a dit…

an asian distro has this! sweet!