lundi 18 juillet 2011


hello ladies and gentlemen

here's the link to get the mixtape #2

These 12 songs have still been selected by the three of us for your own pleasure ladies and gentlemen...

We had the master of the split with Abject Object !! we're closer than never to have this piece of vinyl DONE for REAL ! we'll send it at the plant this week so it might be out for september or so... Abject Object songs are really awesome.
the cover should look like this

Otherwise, we're working on the mix and on the artwork of the full length "Les Grandes Marées" as well.

The 3 last shows were fun, thanks to people and friends in Milan, Munich and Reims, you rule !

By the way, we never mentioned the french punk compilation LP "no redemption for the kids" we contributed to was out ! A lot of friends bands are on it and it's a brilliant comp released by our buddies Lucien from Lost Boys and Trash from Koenigstein Youth. You can get it on the purepainsugar mailorder. We contributed with an unreleased song and a Big Boys 'Which way to go' cover... The comp looks like this :

alright !
more soon

all the best

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