lundi 8 décembre 2008


we were not supposed to write in english but here it goes...

So, we recorded 6 songs one month ago and I promise we sing better than on the demo. 4 of the songs will be used for our 2 first 7"es that we will self-release. The 2 other songs will be on a 7" split with Old Growth from Portland ... it will be released on Seb's Purepainsugar over here and Rich&Lenny's Bakery Outlet in the US. Rick Froberg will also draw something for us the artwork, so no need to explain how totally stoked and happy we are!


here's some good and old tunes to celebrate all of this !

Lee Scratch Perry - chicken scratch

4 commentaires:

Bechevelin, cousin ! a dit…

vous savez ce qu'il dit un rasta qui a plus de shit ?

putain c'est nul cette musique !

non mais sérieux du reggae, j'espère que le guitariste de votre orchestre uploadera le LP de Van Johnson à la prochaine update ! Monde de merde ! j'irai cracher sur vos tourtes !

1 2 X U ! a dit…

Jah Army!
Jah Uber Alles!

Bechevelin, cousin ! a dit…

Continue comme ça et tu vas sortir ton disque sur The Age Of Venus !

1 2 X U ! a dit…

yes man!
j'ai une good vibe avec Olivier ces temps cis...