mardi 2 juillet 2013


hey everyone

our LP called 'On Largue Les Amarres' compiling our single series, songs from our splits with Old Growth and Abject Object, as well as compilation songs and 2 unreleased songs is at the plant !

This release will be brought to you in few weeks by the amazing Stonehenge Records here in Europe and by the awesome Bakery Outlet in the USA in a couple of months...

We're very excited to have this release finally out ! There will be a 16 pages booklet with it full of great memories, pictures and funny jokes written in our best broken english. The illustration on the cover has been done by M. Rick Froberg...

By the way, it was a bit unclear for some people but the band is really done !
And we really had fun doing it... this was 4 great, awesome and inspiring years. Thanks so much to everyone who care, you're the best.

We still play in other bands, of course !
Hugues is in VEUVE S. S. :
Gwen plays in BATON ROUGE and TORINO : -
Julien plays in BATON ROUGE as well : and released (and will release) new records from both TORINO and VEUVE S. S. with ECHO CANYON RECORDS(

we'll tell you when the record will be available.

the I 2 X U's

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